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Sep 24, 2009 at 01:09 PM

M8 147 Account determination for entry PKJL WRX 0001 not possible.


Hello !

I am using ML81N transaction - Service Entry Sheet. PKJL is Chart of accounts.

I know how to solve this error problem. In transaction OBYC I have to input record for WRX with empty valuation class.

But using this solution I limit to only one clearing account for services.

Is it possible to configure SAP system in that way to input severals records (in OBYC for WRX):

Valuation modif: Valuation class: Account:

0001 5000 3010100 - Transport Services

0001 5001 3010101 - IT Services

0001 5002 3010102 - Bank Services

Every service in master data (transaction AC03) has conected valuation class and material group.

Every material group (in transaction OMQW) has conected valuation class.

Every line in purchase order has inputed correct material group.

Nevertheless SAP system looks for record with empty valuation class.

Is it an SAP limitation or SAP error or I don't make all configurations?

Best regards