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Sep 23, 2009 at 06:19 PM

Time Management & OPET about the field "P0000-STAT2" is Inactive or Retiree



I need to do generate on time management some diffent Wage Type when the field Employment "P0000-STAT2" of the employees are on "inactive" or "Retiree"

In other words, I need to know on Time schema when the employee is retiree on the next day and when the employee is inactive on the next day.

Is there an OPET that enable me to query if the field "P0000-STAT2" is "inactive" on next day.

I already know this one "VARSTNDYAC", but the return value is only "active" or "not active" on next day.

The value "not active" can be "Inactive" or "Retiree".... there is no diffence

Or is there an OPET that enable me to query the action type on next day (P0000-MASSN).

Thanks for your help.