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Sep 23, 2009 at 03:02 PM

Displaying the error message in message area


Hi Experts,

The post is regarding display of error message in UI Message area.

I have two popups(say popup1 & popup2). They get displayed through two different Iviews(say Iview1& Iview2).

Now what happening here is that my messages for popup2 are getting displayed in popup1 hwile that of popup1 are getting displayed in the Iview1. Similarly it is happening for Iview2 also.

Why is it that even though i have created seperate message area in the popups, the message is getting displayed at seperate places? Cant they simply get displayed at the right place? I dont want to make use of boolean flag here. It will be lot more complicated using a flag here as i have two popups and two Iviews.

Please suggest some solution for the issue.

Best regards,