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Sep 23, 2009 at 09:05 AM

Moderators please pay attention


Hello All,

Though it is not the proper place to raise this point here but since majority of community members visit forums so I thought to start this from here.

I would like to urge all the moderators as why there is so much delays in responding the community members queries?

If a member posts on wiki, it takes nearly 10 days to 2 weeks for getting it posted and that too after sending so many personal mail reminders. Is this the correct way to handle the community?

I understand that now SCN in a semi-closed community specially when it comes to Blog writing and Wiki postings. May be moderators are only handful and not able to respond to all the queries immediately but all moderators must understand this that taking this much time in responding simple issues will only result in negative publicity. By this way, you are degrading the standards of this community along with the class.

In personal, I felt as though I should not write with more posts or blogs if things continued in the same fashion. Try to understand my point, members will start getting least interested in sharing their knowledge.

This is for community benefit so I raised this issue.


Best Regards

Chander Kararia