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Exchange Rate Variance

Nov 19, 2016 at 05:32 PM


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Dear all,

Here we have the follow scenario.

The Goods Receipts was done with one exchange rate, but when we do the invoice verification (miro) the exchange rate are different.

These exchange rate variance are causing an accounting some postings with Null (value 0,00) for document currency (BRL). But if we change for index currency (USD) we can check the posting just for USD currency with value.

Can anyone help me?

I need understand why the system are accounting these values null (0,00)?

According our Accounting Manager, these postings null are wrong.

Follow some screens;

MIGO Goods Receipt

BRL (Document currency)

USD (Index Currency)

OB08 - Exchange Rate for MIGO

Miro - Invoice Verification

BRL (document currency)

Isue: the accounting in account 4141050050 and 4141050240 with no value (0,00) in BRL

USD (index currency)


Here we can check the exchange rate variance.

MIGO –> 1 USD = 3,24464 BRL

MIRO –> 1 USD = 3,22580 BRL


Materials Management/

Logistics Invoice Verification

Incoming Invoice

Configure How Exchange Rate Differences Are Treated

Thanks a lot

Pedro H. Munhoz

gr.png (42.0 kB)
gr-brl.png (47.4 kB)
gr-usd.png (46.6 kB)
iv.png (60.7 kB)
pt0yo.png (458 B)
4fbdb.png (513 B)
iv-brl.png (48.8 kB)
iv-usd.png (48.2 kB)
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What I found is that - you had already maintained in OB08 (hard currency and local currency).

Solution for your issue:

First, You have to Maintain ' KDM - Exchange rate difference' in OBYC. Try this, It will work out.

Thanks & Regards,


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1 Answer

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Former Member Nov 30, 2016 at 12:30 AM


We explaining again the reason of these accounting in BRL currency null (0,00) for our Account Manager.

These accounting is not a Rate Exchange in BRL currency, so the difference in USD currency is just show the accounting in USD with different rate between Goods Receipt and Invoice Verification. So he is agree with this accounting.

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