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Former Member
Sep 22, 2009 at 08:01 PM

Last line on broken paragraph not justified


I have a Winforms application that uses the report viewer to view and optionally print reports that contain a large (2 plus) page area of text formatted into paragraphs. The report needs to be right and left justified. If I allow the text fields to span pages (uncheck Keep Together in the field properties) the last line of a broken paragraph is not fully justified. It behaves as if there were a hard break at the last line to appear on the page. This problem only manifests itself in the report viewer, not in Crystal Reports application. I've tried it using the 10.5 as well as the 11.5 assemblies with the same results.

I'm wondering if there is a bug fix for this, or if I should be using a different way of printing the report. I don't need to display the report. What I do need to do is print it to a printer. In this case it will always be the PDF printer that comes with Adobe Acrobat.