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Replication server not starting after node-1 goes down


I have installed SAP R/3 4.7 on Oracle 10g RAC. Following are the details about the Environment:

OS: RHEL 5.3

Database: Oracle

FileSystem: OFCS2

SAP Version: SAP R/3 4.7 on 640_EX2 Kernel.

HA Monitoring Tool: SAPCTL 4.0

RAC Setup: 2-Node Cluster with Oracle clusterware(CRS)


I checked both the Enqueue server and replication server logs and they are connected with each other. For testing this HA setup, I shutdown the node-1 where Enqueue server is running, the user VIP for abapenque is not restarting on node-2 where the replication server is running and waiting for enqueue server to start.

I checked the replication server logs:

[Thr 47225998538864] Tue Sep 22 10:49:47 2009

[Thr 47225998538864] *** ERROR => EncNiConnect: unable to connect (NIECONN_REFUSED) [encomi.c ; 445]

[Thr 47225998538864] *** ERROR => RepServer: main: connect failed with return code -7 [enrepserv.cp 587]

which is fine since the connection is lost.

The Replication server and Enqueue server are configured using SAPCTL 4.0 utility.


1. The VIP should failover to node-2 and Enqueue server should start on node-2. Why the VIP is not failing over after replication server reported the lost of enqueue server connection?

2. The Replication server remains in the 'hold' state and waits for enqueue server to respond, any parameter that we can set to reduce this waiting time?

3. If any one can share the setup of start and instance profile for ASCS and ERS would be very help full.



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    Sep 22, 2009 at 03:44 PM

    Do you have something which detects that the enqueue server has stopped on node-1 and attempts to start it on node-2? As far as I know and have experienced, SAP does NOT provide this functionality themselves. The failover of the ASCS/SCS is completely up to the hardware/OS vendor for the platform you are on. In the Windows world, this is done with MSCS and when an HA system in installed in an MSCS, the SAP installer configures MSCS so that it will start the ASCS/SCS on another node in case of a failure.

    For non-Windows (aka Unix/Linux), it is up to YOU to configure this. As you may have already noticed, for non-Windows SAPINST does not even have a step for installing the enqueue replication (ERS) and that must be done manually (There are some somewhat helpful ERS instance profile examples on The same is true for the failover setup. On some platforms (IBM zSeries for instance), this is accomplished with Tivoli System Automation.

    If you just wanted to test that the failover would work (without automation of course), you can make sure the enqueue replication is running on node-2, stop the ASCS/SCS instances on node-1, and start the ASCS/SCS instances on node-2. What should happen is that the enqueue table is rebuilt from the replication server and then the enqueue replication instance on node-2 will stop. You will then need to start the enqueue replication instance back on node-1 so that another failover test from node-2 back to node-1 will work correctly.


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