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Sep 22, 2009 at 01:28 PM

IPC UserExits is not getting called for AP7.0


Hello Experts,

We have encountered a problem where one of the pricing exits that we

have is not getting called resulting in condtion error on the pricing

doc. All other exits formula are getting called except this one

(we have 4 exits altogeter). The userexit assignements and relevant

attributes have been maintained.

I have tried to debug and see log in SM53 (I write the log statement on the first line of the code) and there's no log being written for this exit. The debug didn't step into this code.

One thing that is different about this exit is that it uses custom (Z*) relevant attributes which has been passed by CRM_CON_COM_BADI. I can see the value being passed by looking at the debug log on SM53.

Does anybody have any ideas why it's not getting called?

Appreciate your help.