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"Account Groups - Function Assignments" Purpose

Nov 19, 2016 at 11:43 AM


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I know that this question has been asked here, but clear explanation is still missing.

When we create a customer, it is created under an account group. And the "Partner Determination Procedure" assigned to that account group determines the partner functions which will be available for the customer being created.

My question is when we can directly add Partner Functions in a Partner Determination Procedure using the below highlighted option, why do we need to use "Account Groups - Function Assignments"option.

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1 Answer

Veselina Peykova
Nov 19, 2016 at 04:03 PM

Usually you don't want to use all possible account groups for customers as payers or ship-to parties.

For example, you create customers, which serve as hierarchy nodes (group 0012). These have very limited information maintained, you use them mainly for for pricing and reporting, you don't want these to be used for payer/ship-to, DSD drivers account group is also kind of 'special'.

Plants can be also maintained as customer numbers, you definitely don't wish that somebody uses these for regular trade customers.

Or think about CPD/CPDA (one-time customer account groups) - if you cannot avoid using these in your daily business, most probably you will not want to mix them as partners for regular accounts.

Account groups - Function Assignments gives you more control what can be used as customer partner function. The partner functions screen gives you the option to specify partner type: customer, vendor, employee, but the function, to which you refer, is still needed.

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Thanks Veselina,

For your time and answer. I think what you are saying is that using

"Account groups - Function Assignments" i can have better fine grained control over Partner Function assignments. Is that the only benefit.


To me, at least, this is the most logical explanation why this is a mandatory step.

Having control over your business processes is very important, this is not a difficult or very a frequently changed setup, so why not maintain it properly? ;)