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Sep 30, 2018 at 08:40 PM

monitoring and debugging IAH adapter PI 7.5 java

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Recently we installed 3 new PI java only 7.5 servers (windows 2012) Like the old PI servers also the IAH adapter is been installed. Although all seems ok the IAH adapter on 2 of the servers won't work for HL7 2,4 MFN messages. They are rejected stating that the Adapter doesn't recognized the MFN_Z00 type thus it can't be transformed to XML.

In the logging there's nothing to be found.

1 - how can we enhance the logging
2 - How can we debug this IAH adapter to find out what's happening
3 - how to crack this Nut

We checked and compaired everything, so far we didn't find any differences. For the rest of all the HL7 messages the PI and the adapter works fine.

The configuration of the channels ar all the same