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Sep 29, 2018 at 04:35 PM

Crystal Reports and Text Box Fonts


Around here we use a special font called Mrs. Eaves. It’s not a standard Windows one but is installed on every machine. In Crystal Reports I specify that as the default text object font, but it never initially uses it. It’ll show that as the font when I create the text object, but when typing in the box it immediately switches to Arial. I can then select the text in the box and change it that way since Mrs. Eaves shows in the dropdown list, but it never allows it to begin with. And when a text object already has that font for its characters and I add text to it, it’ll put that new text back in Arial. I then have to change it again.

It’s really as if Crystal doesn’t allow a non-standard font to be used as a default font for the object, even though it allows me to specify that font in the options. Is there a way to get this to work properly?