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Sep 21, 2009 at 12:33 PM

FSCM Biller Direct - Credit Card Charges u2013 SAP Treatment with flexibility!!


FSCM Biller Direct - Credit Card Charges u2013 SAP Treatment with flexibility to pass on to customer if desired!!!

How are credit card fees / charges levied by financial institutions handled in SAP?

More specifically u2013 in the context of scenario where a customer chooses to pay outstanding invoice through credit card as a payment method through biller direct front end java based portal.

u2022 What accounting entries are passed from SAP perspective and at what points in time?

u2022 How are charges levied by banks / financial institutions handled or can be handled?

u2022 How any fees / charges imposed by network processors / clearing houses handled on a transactional basis?

u2022 Is this something which Standard SAP Config can accommodate and if yes where exactly? If not what custom development route is appropriate?

u2022 Does addition of third party providers like pay metric for interface plug-in help in segregating and processing of credit card charges any better?

All the above are very specific in context of Credit Card Charges and not generically for credit card processing.

Any input / feedback or past experience on any or all aspect would be greatly helpful.


Mohit Tekriwal