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Sep 20, 2009 at 03:51 PM

Xcelsius 2008 FP2 won't export to swf



I can not get Xcelsius to preview or export to swf. The progress bar labelled "Generating swft" displays for approximately 3-5 minutes until Xcelsius.exe finally crashes and the app closes. I'm running Xcelsius 2008 SP1 with FP2, Live Office XI R2 and Flash 10 (lastest version). I've also looked at the Flash security as described in other forum posts and that does not appear to be the issue.

The .xlf I'm working with was successfully completed and published to and is working fine. The problems began when two additional Live Office connections were added to allow for some additional data points in the next release of the dashboard. The data model now contains a few hundred more rows and a few hundred forumlas causing the Excel file to increase to just under 1MB. The total number of rows of data return in all Live Office connections combine are just over 1,000 rows. The max # rows setting in Xcelsius is set to 2,000. The formula cells added to the data model are fairly simple formulas that were successfully used in the data model previously (ISERROR, INDEX, MATCH).

On occasion, Xcelsius will give the message box "Your range has been reduced to the maximum rows allowed" before crashing.

Acting on this message I have removed the new Live Office connections, but the message/crashing continues. I have now scaled back the # of Live Office connections and # of formula cells way back to a very small number. the data model is now very small and quickly imports into Xcelsius yet the same message/crashing continues. I have verified that the data model currently in Xcelsius is the most recent, very small version of the data model, but Xcelsius still behaves like the large 1MB data model is present.

I don't know if this is even a # rows/data model size issue or a config/bug issue. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I've read the PDF on FP3, but don't see this scenario listed. Might FP3 help? I need to be FP3 is compatible with publishing swf files to which is a BOE XI R2 platform.