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Sep 18, 2009 at 01:32 PM

Shipment Cost Pricing Changes after invoice posts against freight settlemen


Hello SAP SDN experts,

Have any of you run into the situation where you must pay additional freight charges after the original freight invoice has been posted against the freight settlement PO?

Consider the following example:

1. Shipment Cost Document is created with a freight cost of $100.

2. Shipment Cost Document is settled to a freight PO and the GR/Service Entry Sheet

3. accrues for $100.

4. The fright invoice posts for a value of $100.

5. Then the carrier submits a request for payment for an additional charge of $50.

Any thoughts on what the best way to post and pay this additional $50 charge is?

It seems that you should not cancel your SCD settlement because that will back out the GR, reverse the accrual, then if updating the SCD with the new price of $150 and resettling a new accrual will occur and payment is expected for the full $150 creating an imbalance in the GR/IR clearing account (occurs since the original GR is now reversed).

Would a sub-debit provide the best solution to posting these additional charges? Or are their other creative solutions that someone may be able to reference?

Thanks for your input!

Rich Wortmann