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Sep 18, 2009 at 11:41 AM

Consignment stock transfer without accounting document



There is One Company code 1000, this is having two plants 1000 and 2000, Now this company code is aquring one more plant , so for this we are doing rollout for that plant.

That plant has named as 3000,

Created Plant 3000 is situated some 10 km from there existing location.In old location some consignment stock is there, we need to transfer that stock to 3000 New created plant.

But suppose we transfer the stock from Consignment to Unrestricted then, accounting document is generated,(so that old owner of the plant is not agree for this.).

And it is not possible to scrap , bcz we need to transfer material physicaly form one old location to new location..Plant 3000

how to map this scenarion...without affecting to Vendor and old owner ( old owner does not want acccounting document).

How to map this scenario,


Sapman man