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Sep 18, 2009 at 07:38 AM

Analog-disaggregation with flexible refrence-keyfigure


Hi experts,

I'm searching for a method that allows end-users to flexibly select the key-figure that shall be used a reference-value für disaggregation.

An example:

The expected income for a product-line is planned with 1000 euro.

This 1000 euro shall be disaggregated to the more detailed chars below the prod line refering to the sales-quantity or the freight-costs keyfigure (taken from the actual data). So the user needs a possibilty to define which key-figure shall be used as reference in his special case.

This selection should be possible independant from the planning-level.

In the above example the prod-line is used as planning-level, but planning and disaggregating on comp_code or year-level should be possible as well.

I'm looking forward for your comments and if this is possible at all.

So far I didn't find any possiblity to give the user a way to hand-over the keyfigure dynamicaly that should be proccessed by an planning-function (no matter what planning-function it is). There's the possibility to define the effected key-figures in the planning-modeller - but not in the frontend.

Thanks in advance for your help, ideas and hints.