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BPS Distribute with Reference Data failing to seasonalize annual data

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my specification of a BPS Distribution function with Reference? In my mind, this should be pretty simple to do, but I have been unsuccessful.

I would like to "seasonalize" annual data based on a percentage distribution assigned to each month.

I have the following data in my InfoCube

Sales Doc type: Product Group: Fiscal year: Fiscal year/period: Sales amount: Monthly%
TA: 101:2017:0000000: 40000, 0
TA: 101:2017:2017001: 0: 10
TA: 101:2017:2017002: 0: 20
TA: 101:2017:2017003: 0: 30
TA: 101:2017:2017004: 0: 40

I would like to distribute the 40,000 which is an annual amount to periods 01/2017 to 04/2017: 4000, 8000, 12000, and 16000 respectively.

Here's how I defined the planning function:

Fields to be changed: FY/Period
Fields for condition: FY, Key figure name, Product group, Sales doc type
Reference characteristics: FY/Period, Key figure name

The parameter group was defined as follows:
Key figure = 0AMOUNT
Sales Doc type = TA
Fiscal year = 2017
Product group = 1001

Reference data:
Key figure = ZMONTHPCT
Fiscal year/period = 001/2017 to 004/2017.

When I execute the parameter group, NOTHING happens. Can anyone suggest why my distribution is dead in the water?


PS: I have also attempted to solved this problem by using a planning function formula and also was unsuccessful with that approach; I think the issue is with a unassigned fiscal year/period 0000000. I have asked a separate question named BPS formula and how to reference a blank 0000000 fiscal year/period.

If I can get either of these approaches to work, I will cross post an answer so other users can benefit.

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2 Answers

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    Nov 29, 2016 at 04:01 PM


    Above is a screen shot of my actual records. What could be simpler than this?


    Above is what I'm trying to accomplish

    Here are the settings I have tried with no success:

    Fields to be changed: FY/Period
    Fields for condition: Key figure name, product planning group, sales document type, version
    Reference characteristics: Fiscal year period, Key figure name, product planning group, sales document type, version

    My parameter group definition
    Key figure name: 0AMOUNT
    Sales document type: TA
    Version: 0 (Note I type 000, which is automatically reset to 0)
    Product planning group: 1022

    Reference data
    Key figure name: ZMONTHPCT
    Sales document type: TA
    Fiscal year/period: 001/2017 to 012/2017
    Version: 100
    Product planning group

    I'm getting an error message that no reference data exists and clearly it does per my first screen shot.

    May this is an issue, but I don't think it should be:
    Note that the source record has a value for sales employee
    Note that the reference records have no value for sales employee, that is the monthly distribution of sales depends on the product, but is the same for all employees.
    Note that the target records have a value for sales employee.

    I have got this distirbution to work when my reference records did contain the value of the sales employee, until I realized that it was nuts to specify a monthly distribution of product sales separately for each employee.

    So even though this appears to be an extremely simple problem, I'm not sure if it's even possible.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



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    Nov 29, 2016 at 04:32 PM

    One last thing ...

    Distribution function failures can often be traced to problems with the planning level or package.

    Here are the relevant values in my planning package:

    Sales employee: ZBYSE (A variable)
    Fiscal year: 2017
    Fiscal year, period: #, 001/2017 to 012/2017
    Planning product group: 0 to 9999
    Sales document type: TA, ZVDR
    Version: 0,100

    I believe these include all values specified in my planning function.

    So why doesn't this work?

    Bob McGaffic

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