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Sep 18, 2009 at 05:43 AM

Abnormal Termination while posting depreciation


Hey Guys,

i am getting the error below when i try to post depreciation or post any values or display depreciation for many assets

We just activated extension EA-FIN. I checked OAAQ and my last closed fiscal year is correct, the values for ANLB-LGJAN and ANLC-GJAHR do not match in production as well but i dont get an error message there as the extension is not active there. I checked OSS and found some notes related to this error message but they were already included in our support pack.

Can some one please advice how we fix this?

SYST: Abnormal termination (ANLB-LGJAN not equal to ANLC-GJAHR) Asset 10000000080001920000

Message no. AA698

Asset affected: 000008000192-0000


Processing terminated due to a system error.

System Response

Internal tables ANLB-LGJAN and ANLC-GJAHR of asset 10000000080001920000 are not synchronous.


Contact your system administrator