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Sep 30, 2018 at 03:24 PM

What are the limitations of Hana Smart Data Integration /EIM


Hi Experts,

We have on Premise Hana 1(SPS12) multinode landscape in scale out configuration with different firewall zones.We are evaluating the SAP HANA EIM(Smart data Integtration and Smart Data Quality) as a DP/ETL tool. In this regard I have the following questions:

1) Is there any limit on the data transfer using SDI for a single replication/pull request.For example maximum number of rows/columns that can be transferred from any Source to HANA?Is there a limitation on data size(in MB/GB)?

2)Is there a limitation on number of parallel replications/batch jobs/pull or push requests in context of DP Agent or DP Server?

3)I have read it in the installation guide that DP Server and DP Agent do not support load balancing in scale out scenarios.Can there be a workaround for this?If not, what can be an ideal setup to handle high loads(lets say a total 5 billion entries in a day from 1000 executions) ?

4)Can oData adapter installed and configured on a DP Agent instead of DP Server?

5)Where can I find the information like advantage/disadvantage of various SAP provided adapters to make an informed choice?

Hi Werner Daehn :

I have learnt a lot about SDI from your blogs, can you please guide me to find answers to above questions.

Thank you so much in advance.