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Multiple ALV List to PDF - Generated PDF has space between List tables due to header

Nov 18, 2016 at 09:21 PM


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Hello Guru's,

We used REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND to display multiple ALV Lists on a single screen. This report output is generated as PDF through Spool. Each ALV List has a separate header text associated with the help of 'it_events' table like code displayed below.

But the issue is, when the PDF is generated, each list table starts and displays from a separate page inside PDF. Even if the first table contains just 2 records, the next table is displayed in the next page of the PDF file. Whereas, the output while executing the report through SE38 is displaying without gap. Only PDF output is different. Any idea, how to come over it ?

*ls_events-name = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'.
ls_events-name = 'TOP_OF_LIST'.
ls_events-form = 'TOP_OF_PAGE'.
APPEND ls_events TO lt_events.

    it_fieldcat = lt_fcat
    is_layout   = ls_layout
    i_tabname   = 'LT_TABLE'
    it_events   = lt_events
    t_outtab    = lt_table.

FORM top_of_page.
  WRITE "List Header Text".

Thanks and Regards.

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Output via SE38 of several pages is always without gap, but if you print, there will be several pages printed, as in the PDF. PS: I don't understand why you say it's "due to header", as it's not related.

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Former Member Nov 21, 2016 at 03:34 AM

Print-no_new_page = 'X'

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Thanks. But, this prints the header text of the consecutive table next to the first table. I modified code more to make it work.

Vinita Kasliwal Nov 22, 2016 at 01:45 AM

Hi Did you not try to include line breaks in between ?



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