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Sep 17, 2009 at 03:25 PM

LU04: Dynamic Bin creation for Storage type 922 posting change area



Can someone advice me how can I create Dynamic bins in storgare type 922 for Posting change area. Dynamic bin must be based on Inspection lot number.

The reason for dynamic bin is to avoid number of bins proposal by system when creating TO by LU04.

We are getting number of bins where Q Material is lying. e.g. If one material is received againt one line item in MIGO and TO is having 10 bins for keeping GR quantity. The same material is agian received same day with same PO in another GR with another 10 bins. Now the situation that when we are clearing LU04 Creating TO against pcn created after first Inspection lot usage decision, we are getting 20 bins on one screen, It is very difficuilt for INspection guy to individually check bins against which he is clearing Item. If inspection lot is suggested as a Dynamic bin into storage type 922, it will resolve our issue, Inspection guy can easily clear LU04 TO creation.

Hope above is clear. If any more information . please let me know.

I am in a big trouble.