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Sep 17, 2009 at 03:15 PM

LU04 : Create TO for Posting change Notice Lot of issues



Our go live was done on 14th of Sep. I am facing lot of issues for clearing TO aginst PCN. Could you please reply me point by point to resolve my query.

Migo is done first and placing of material into warehouse is second process.

Process Followed: MIGO --> TO1 > CONFIRM TO1 > QA32 Usage Decision --> LU04 --> Create TO2 and confirm immediately .

Issue1) While creating TO1 --> Lots of bins are selected for Single LIne item of MIGO. i.e. One Inspection lot is kept in more then one bin. This situation System never create TO automatically when we are depressing Create TO in LU04. How can we automize this.

Issue 2) Same PO number and Same material number is received more then 10 times a day. Once we are going for clearing PCN , i.e . Crearing TO agsint PCN, it gives lot of BIn numbers. Now it is very difficuilt for Inspection person to select the bins for clearing. How can we make it easy or automatic processing for PCN TO>

Issue 3) Can we have any User Exit or Badi which can automate process of PCN TO based on origional TO i.e. TO1.

How ever we are facing above issue. What is standard practicein WM , as you (WM Guru) have already faced such situation in the past , So what is the easy way to come over ./ ease the process for clearing PCN TO.

Awaiting reply,