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Former Member
Sep 17, 2009 at 01:18 PM

LSMW - Very Slow


Hi All

We are using LSMW to update function locations in SAP PM using LSMW and Batch Input Sessions,

When we upload the data using tx LSMW we are updating at approx 3 records per minute.

The file that needs to be uploaded has approx 53 000 records, hence it would take days to upload this and furthermore we have another 9 files of similar size to upload using LSMW.

We have also switched off table logging (rec/client=ALL) and switch off archive logging to enhance performance.

CPU's are 99 -100 % idle, no paging, memory is 20 out 32GB beig used, basically the system is performing the way it is supposed to but the uploads via LSMW are way to slow.

Are there any more Basis Settings that we can probably tweak / change / edit to get more performance on the LSMW uploads to run quicker.

Please help, we are on ERP 6.0, Oracle, and Solaris using LSMW Version 4.0.0