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Sep 28, 2018 at 08:06 AM

Note 2688373 incorrectly implemented


I don't know how to find a solution for this, but I implemented a note 2688373 "Facebook Campaigns not created during Campaign Workflow with auto release" and it contains a correction:

    IF cl_cuan_initiative_helper=>is_stat_for_release_available( ) = abap_false "advance status management is not on,
    AND  cl_hpa_workflow_customizing=>is_workflow_active_for_object( iv_bo_name = if_cuan_initiative_c=>sc_bo_name ) = abap_false "workflow is not active
     OR IS_AUTO_RELEASE_ENABLED = abap_true.

For some reason IS_AUTO_RELEASE_ENABLED is not defined in the class and thus it is not possible to active it. Tried to search for notes where the same class is used and could find any correctional note where it was defined. Reset the note for now, but it can't be that the note contains an error. There must be a prerequisite note which has it defined. How to find it?