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Oct 03, 2018 at 01:57 AM

Displaying Different Data by Group

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I am using Crystal Reports 11 on a Windows 7 64 bit operating system

We have a Clinical Application order system that creates order_id for the order and detail_id for each order within the it. (there are two tables, the first is the parent order table with the order_id and details of the order such as who entered it and when). This table is linked to the order details table via patient_id and order_id, in this table you will find the actual ordered detail within the order. Patient ID not shown in the example below.


100000010.....10000001.....CT Scan


100000011.....10000001.....Sodium, calcium, potassium



We created a report that has two groups

Group 1 = order_id

Group 2 = detail_id

What we have done is we place an image of a requisition in the background of Group 2 and then place the content of the order on the requisition. So the CT Scan would go on it's own requisition and the MRI would go on it's own requisition. But in the case of order_id 100000011 above I would like all the detail_id from that order to go on one requisition. So I tried to place this requisition and order content in Group 1 and have all the detail appear together. Unfortunately I only get the content of detail_id 10000001 appearing, the other items do not show. I tried left outer joins from the order table to the order detail table but this doesn't make a difference.

If I change Group 1 to order (data field) then I get the items coming out on 3 different requisitions, almost right but I want it all on one.

I am looking for guidance on how I can accomplish this.