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Sep 16, 2009 at 01:32 PM

Error while communication between PI and Third party


Hi Michael,

Please help me on this issue

We have a requirement in our project where web-based courses are being offered to the employees. The web-based course content will come from Skillsoft (External web-based course content provider).

To access the web based course from third party (skill soft), employee needs to launch the course via Learning portal (Learning solution system). LSO system will need to retrieve the course content from external sources (SkillSoft), in order to be accessed by the employees.

Following is the flow of our message (synchronous call):

Learning Portal ß> ECC (ABAP Client Proxy)ß> PI 7.0ß>SkillSoft (AXIS SOAP ADAPTER (Web service))

My client requirement is to use AXIS framework along with UsernameToken security and PasswordDigest while interacting with SkillSoft.

Where Password_Digest = Base64 (SHA-1 (nonce + created + password))

More details of the specification can be found here

I have deployed axis_1.4 related all the relevant .jar files and add the modules related to usernameToken security as per SAP Note 1039369 FAQ XI Axis Adapter in Receiver SOAP adapter.

Whenever I am checking through URL http://port:host/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet its showing that the required/optional components list status OK.

Now when I am pushing the data from ECC to PI, data is successfully coming to PI however when the data is going outside PI through Receiver AXIS SOAP Adapter in RWB is showing

The message was successfully delivered to the application using connection SOAP_

The message status set to DLVD.

However when I am checking the SXMB_MONI itu2019s giving the following error in response message: AccessDenied

I have configured the modules in SOAP adapter as below:

Processing Sequence.

Module Key







Module configuration

ModuleKey ParameterName parametervalue

xireq handler.type

wssec action UsernameToken Timestamp

wssec addUTElement Nonce Created

wssec handler.type

wssec passwordType PasswordDigest

wssec pwd.password ********************

wssec user XYZ

trp handler.type

trp module.pivot true

xires handler.type

Request you to please provide your valuable inputs on this issue?

Thanks in advance

Anku Chopra