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Migrate multiprovider to composite provider.


We are working on BW 7.5 SP 11.

We have a requirement to migrate Multiprovider to Composite provider.

We are using program RSO_CONVERT_IPRO_TO_HCPR with the option Transfer infoprovider and query by retaining query name.

Please refer following screen shot.

As we know this option will replace multiprovider with composite provider and queries will point to newly created composite provider.

Our issue is, queries are not in sync between development and production system.

For example, We have two queries in development and 20 queries in production.

Now suppose if we move migrated composite provider to production system through transport, will production queries(which are not available in development) still point to the composite provider?


Darshil Shah

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3 Answers

  • Oct 02, 2018 at 06:17 AM

    Hi Darshil,

    I suppose you may want to check more information in note "2080851 - Conversion of MultiProvider to CompositeProvider".

    We could find following information in the note:

    Transport after conversion

    You have to install the SAP Note:

    • 2386241 - SAP BW/4HANA Starter Add-On: Migration of MultiProvider deletes queries during transport to target system

    before the transport.

    If the conversion is carried out such that the CompositeProvider has the same name as the MultiProvider you want to convert, then you should choose one of the following procedures to enable transport of these changes to downstream systems (test and production):

    1. You want to write the deletion of the MultiProvider and creation of the CompositeProvider (including queries) to the same request. Import this request two times in succession. This ensures that the transported CompositeProvider is consistent.
    2. You want to write the deletion of the MultiProvider and creation of the CompositeProvider (including queries) to two separate requests. The sequence is:
      1. Transport the CompositeProvider and queries
      2. Transport the deletion of the MultiProvider
      3. Transport the CompositeProvider and queries

    Best regards,


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    • Hi Tibbie,

      Thanks for the reply.

      I went through the SAP note and steps mentioned.

      This absolutely works fine when queries and multiprovider version is same between development and production environment.

      In our case we have different number of queries in development and production.

      Ex, 2 in development and 20 in production.

      Now, if we follow the steps mentioned in SAP note then their could be a chance that remaining 18 queries which are only available in production system will loose the reference with migrated composite provider after transport movement.

      Hope you understand.


      Darshil Shah

  • Oct 03, 2018 at 06:51 AM


    You can look into the below approach.

    1) Reverse Transport your queries from Production to Development and then you can use the conversion program. Using Transport of copies method you can do the reverse transport. During the conversion phase make sure that no changes are in production system .

    2) Copy the queries to a new copy provider in production system using RSZC. Once your multiprovider gets converted to composite provider you can copy back these queries from copy provider to the composite provider using RSZC again. This is a lengthier process and the queries which gets copied will have new element ids.

    3) Design a program which moves the query from one provider to another. Get the tables involved for bex query and create a program to change the provider . Move the query to a copy provider, once the conversion is done you can move back the queries to the CP. But this program will require good amount of testing. The benefit in this method is that the element id remains intact.



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    • Hi Gajesh,

      Thanks for the valuable input.

      First approach suggested by you require reverse transport from production to development.

      Second approach suggested by is a time consuming activity if we have more number of queries and another problem is, it will generate different element ids.

      One more approach came to my mind, I am just trying to explain it here. Could you please give your expert advise.

      Migrate multiproviders along with the queries by keeping same technical name in both the system manually.

      After that do the require changes in migrated composite provider and move only changed/updated composite provider to production system through transport.


      Darshil Shah

  • Oct 04, 2018 at 01:31 PM

    Hello Darshil,

    Your approach can be taken , but i think you will have to make the system modifiable in order to do that. Modifying directly in production is a risk. But based on the users and the usage of your system you can decide whether you can take that risk.

    Reverse transport is not harmful as you are only bringing in queries.



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