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Sep 15, 2009 at 03:20 PM

How to add new codes into SAP Query/Infoset


Hi Experts,

First time working with SAP Query.

I need to enhance an existing Query to add a new field into a report. I have added new tables into this Infoset and joined my new tables with existing tables and able to extract the new fields out on the report. But here are my problems:

Example of original output:

X88888 500000

X99999 400000

Example of new output after adding my 2 new tables to get 1 new field to output:

X88888 50000 01/08/2009

X88888 50000 01/25/2009 <--- for X88888 customer, I want only this record w/ latest date to be output

X88888 50000 01/22/2009

X99999 40000 03/09/2009

X99999 40000 04/18/2009

X99999 40000 04/19/2009 < -- for X99999, I want only this record w/ latest date to be output

Where/How i can add the code to control this logic so that only 1 record per customer with the highest date can be output. I looked at the query program and it looks very confusing and hard to understand.

Please advise,