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The Activity's Sequence defined in Fine Tune is not available via PSM -> Repository Explorer.

Hi All,

We are working on a task to automatically manage the Opportunity's Sales Activities.

Once an Opportunity is created, or the Opportunity's Sale Phase is changed, this triggers the automatic assignment to the current Opportunity of the activities defined in Sales Assistant (Fine Tune). The activities candidates are available on Opportunity side via Activity Advisor. Only activities matched by Sales Cycle and Sales Phase should be automatically assigned.

At Fine Tune side in the section "Assignment of Activities to Sales Phases", all the activities has sequence number assigned.

Basing on our requirement, we have to replicate the Activities' Sequences once activities are assigned to the Opportunity. This logic should be implemented in BeforeSave script over Opportunity Root node.

The problem is that the current data model does not allow this approach. After reviewing the data model in the Repository Explorer, it appears that the Standard BO Node Opportunity->SalesCycleAssistant->SalesCycleAssistantStep does not contain any field that will provide the sequence value of the activity inside the Sales Phase.

After analyzing the Opportunity TI in UI Designer it appears that Activity Adviser table has a column called "Sequence", that shows the proper values. The column "Sequence" is bound to the property SuggestedActivities_2.OrdinalNumberValue, but this field is not bound to any real field from the DataModel.


  • How is it possible to access the Activity's sequence inside the Sales Phase in the ABSL script using the current C4C data model?
  • Is there any workaround to access that sequence's value in case the Public Solution Model (PSM) does not provide the explicitly field?

Thank you in advance.



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2 Answers

  • Nov 21, 2016 at 01:00 PM

    Hello Alex,

    Raise an incident requesting the PSM release of the element which is used to determine the sequence (plus clarification on how-to use it by yourself).


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    • Former Member

      Hi Horst,

      Thank you for your feedback regarding this topic.

      I already raised an incident from the C4C tenant where I observed the above mentioned mis-functionality. For 2 days, no feedback from SAP side. May be I have to wait a bit more :).



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    Nov 24, 2016 at 11:31 AM

    The OrdinalNumberValue would be nice to have PSM released for this purpose but you can also achieve the sequence using the SalesCyclePhaseStepCode/content which is already PSM released.

    This code seems to increase in steps of 10 and has the form '010', '020', '030', etc.

    An extra step might be needed to parse this information but you should be able to achieve your goal with this.

    Availability of the OrdinalNumberValue would be better though if PSM release status can be given.

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    • Former Member

      Hi David,

      Thank for you for your intention to share the possible workaround to manage the issue I have described. During my analysis I also paid attention to the value stored by SalesCyclePhaseStepCode/content.

      This way to go can not help, because the activity's code (SalesCyclePhaseStepCode/content) is a kind of primary key that is manually defined for each configured activity inside Sales Assistant.

      The sequence value I am interested in provides the order of the activities inside a Sales Phase. A possible example from Fine Tune perspective can be:

      [Activity Code]_____[Activity Sequence in Sales Phase]


      _____150_______________ 2

      _____090_______________ 3

      Taking in consideration the above scenario, using the (SalesCyclePhaseStepCode/content) value as alternative sequence for the activities inside the Sales Phase, does not allow me keep the activities order after the accidental updating of the activities in Fine Tune.

      On another hand editing the activities' codes in Fine Tune for each custom scenario is not a stable approach, due it can affect the already saved data.