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Sep 15, 2009 at 09:29 AM

Dynamic table in interactive form...


Hi Friends,

I am a beginner in adobe forms development.

I want to create an adobe form with dynamic internal table. I.e. addition of rows and deletion of rows dynamically. I have gone through some of the threads in SDN. But still I am not able to make it.

I used following approach for the same. Kindly correct me if i am wrong.

Step1: I have created a context with the required fields in webdynpro abap with cardinality 1..1.

Step2: In the adobe form I created a table using table assistant.

Step3: a. Wrapped the table into a subform and set the content as "Flowed"

b. Selected "Repeat Table item for Each Data Item" at table level and body level with min count as '1'.

c. Selected "Repeat Table item for Each Data Item" at header row with min count and max as '1'.

Step 4: Added two Webdynpro native submit buttons by name "Add" and "Delete" and coded as follows:

For add button:

var nTableLength = Table.nodes.length;

var nNumRow = 0;

for (var nCount = 0; nCount < nTableLength; nCount ++) {

if ((Table.nodes.item(nCount).className == "subform") & (Table.nodes.item(nCount).name !== "HeaderRow")) {

nNumRow = nNumRow + 1;



if (nNumRow == 7) {"The maximum allowable number of rows is 7. You cannot add any more rows.", "Warning", 3);


else {



Still dynamically rows are not getting created. But when i click on add/delete some process is happening.

Do I need to write any logic in Webdynpro abap??.

Please clarify.

Thanks in advance.