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Sep 14, 2009 at 08:20 AM

Syndication of merged records to multiple backend systems (MDM 7.1)


Hi all,

I have setup an MDM scenario with >1 ECC systems connected to MDM via PI. Everything works fine in terms of end-to-end process from ECC to MDM or MDM to ECC (creation, update, syndication). I have also merged records in MDM from the same backend system and am able to see the remote key information under 'edit key mappings' and when I update the merged records in mdm the data is olso updated in ECC.

BUT the update in ECC does not work for merged records where the keys are from different backend systems.


Remote system: RS1 and RS2

I have merged two records, one from RS1 and the other from RS2. The newly created record has two key mappings (RS1/RS2). Also the newly created record shows - let's say - RS1 in MDM and the the RS2 informaion is attached as remote system information. When modifying the record in MDM, only RS1 is updated but not RS2.

Remote Systems RS1 and RS2 are set up in the Cosole. Also I have setup a port for each remote system. Syndication in general works perfectly without any problem. I know that I have to trigger syndication for each port but still does not work. Any ideas?




P.S. I am using MDM 7.1