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Sep 13, 2009 at 03:34 PM

IDES ECC60 tib installation with Aronis


Hi all:

Here is the background, can anybody help me? Really appreciate!

Today I tried to install the ECC60 version with Aronis twice(restore one large tib file(about 47.1G) to my external portable hard disc). After 2 hours' recovery, I see 2 partitions on my portable hard disc, and there is no error during the installation. But after that, I can not start ECC server. Per the installation guide, I see from the pic that there are some shotcut on the desktop, while I can see nothing. So then I double click the SAP Management.exe from the folder, to see the error message like ".dll failed to register on drive C".

I see from one thread that may need to reboot from the disc where you restore the tib file to(in my case, that is my mobile disc). But I remember that XP and window2003 do not allow to boot computer with an external hard disc. Is the guide right?

Can anybody tell me: after the recovery, is there any other step needed? Many thanks~

Below are the steps I install:

1. Desktop with 120G's hard disc with 2 partitions. Drive C installed windows2003 while Drive D contain the large tib file(around 47G).

2. Restore the tib to the empty external hard disc(960G), after recovery, the hard disc is automatically formatted into 2 partition: DIRVE(C) and DIRVE(D), C with the operating system while D with SAP. The whole process is successful, no error.

3. After that, when I tried to launch SAP Management.exe, error message popper up which says the dll not registered on Drive C.

Thanks and Best regards