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Sep 11, 2009 at 03:07 PM

Field value not aligned to the header column


Hi all,

please forgive my noobyness, I'm quite new to Smartforms...

Basically; I have a smartform which outputs an internal table done as follows:

Position | Unit | quantity .....

and so on.

The field value for UNIT is always not aligned with the header text, while the rest of the row seems ok.

I'd bet it's just a layout matter, but don't know how to review margins and eventually manage graphically such fields. I'm working on a BBPCRM 400 system (quite old). Can anyone please guide me thru the right steps in order to correct this? I have an example - another smartform - that is very similar to the one I have to correct and it's ok (perfectly aligned); I tried to copy and paste from the right one but the problem still persists... Is there any way to preview the smartform and adjust margins and alignment in graphical manner?

Thanks in advance 😊