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Sep 11, 2009 at 02:55 PM

Cross-Company Stock Transfer with Delivery and Billing


Hello Friends,

I have a situation at a client in California. The client does Make-to-Order sales. The only materials kept in inventory are raw materials and NREs. This client has plants in several countries around the world but only two are on SAP. The current version is 4.6C.

The scenario goes like this. The plant in China (CompCode: 2020, Plnt: 0020) wants to order raw materials from the US plant (CompCode: 1010, Plnt: 0010). If the US plant does not have enough stock in inventory, an order needs to be placed with a local vendor. When all materials a re available to ship,we need to deliver to and invoice the China plant. Additionally, shipment notification needs to be sent to the plant in China.

IWould someone please be so kind as to helpme with a "Best Practice" process flow for Cross-Company STO with Delivery and Billing? I also need guidlines for customizing the process in the IMG. This process must include issuing a PO to a local vendor for ordering additional inventory. For the shipment notification, I was thinking of an EDI Advance Shipment Notice if the receiving plant uses EDI. I need a different option, If the receiving palnt does not use EDI.

I am open to your suggestions.