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Sep 11, 2009 at 03:02 AM

Shipment IDOC- Sequence number of itineray location in trasnportation


Hi gurus,

In the process of recieving Inbound IDOC from Thrid Party Transportation Management System through SHIPPL(TPSSHT01), in the segment E2TPSLS-Tranportation Points LSQNUM field is taking 000001 for multiple E2TPSLS Segments.

But the documentation says as below:

u2022 E1TPSLS : Load transfer point in shipment

Segment definition E2TPSLS Released since Release 31G , Segment length: 0016

LSQNUM : Sequence number of itinerary location in transportation

internal data type : CHAR

Internal length : 000006 characters

Position in segment : 001, Offset : 0063. external length : 000006

Sequential numbering of locations visited or transportation points involved in the shipment run.

The location number must be in sequence specification form and should be specified beginning with 1 in ascending order with no gaps.

This leads me to believe that LSQNUM should be sequential u2013 starting from 1 each time we encounter this field, we increment it. For example an IDoc with 2 E2TPSLS Segments, LSQNUM should be 1 in the first segment and 2 in the second. But when we give 2 for the second segment it is not accepting and taking always LSQNUM as 1.

When do we need to do sequencing and when will the value of 1 always work?

Maybe you can offer more information about what this field actually does in SAP?

Some body worked on Shipment inbound idocs or shipping&transportation can help me.