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Former Member
Sep 10, 2009 at 03:31 PM

KSV5: Test run and actual postings not running the same.


Hi there,

Each month I run a couple of distribution cycles. I only run each cycle once per month. I have run these for several months, and they have worked fine, but it is only in the last month I had an error.

The issue is that when I run the distribution cycle in Test and check the detailed error log that comes up there is nothing untoward. It also showed me under detailed list what values it as moving from each sender and receiever cost centre and this tallied to what I expected (100% movement in most cases)

However, when I went back to the first screen and asked the same cycle to run in the background it did not pick up all the segments at 100% as it had shown in test. It missed some cost centres/gl's out entirely and it only partially moved some of the other cost centres.

Would anyone be able to suggest what steps I can take to check my distribution cycle that might be resulting in these errors?

I have ensured that the segments are not "locked" and I have also checked the %age's stated on each segment also and these are all correct and I am not experienced enough using this transaction to know what else it might be.

I do not get any error messages when I run the cycle in the background.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks