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Sep 10, 2009 at 02:56 PM

Licensing agreement appears on client computer


I'm updating a Visual Basic 2003 app to VB/Visual Studio 2008. The app uses a number of Crystal Reports, and I'm using the CR version embedded in VS for those reports (CR not purchased separately). I've set the Setup project to install the CR runtime modules as part of the app installation (checking it as a Prerequisite that needs to be installed in the Setup project's properties).

When the app installation starts on a new computer, I'm getting a license agreement for Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008. The license agreement seems to be the same as I would have agreed to when I installed VS 2008 as a developer--it talks about having a license to redistribute CR as long as it's in conjunction with a VS application. But that's not relevant to a user of my application, who doesn't have VS installed on their computer. I didn't have a license agreement like this pop up when my VB/VS 2003 application was installed. Have I set up the installation process incorrectly, or is Business Objects just getting more legalistic? (The irony is that the agreement states that I shouldn't advertise the CR name in conjunction with my software, but the display of the agreement forces everyone to know that CR is used.)