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Sep 10, 2009 at 10:33 AM

Function module to lock mulitple objects in a single transport request.



I have a query regarding one of the requirments in my project. The requirment goes like this:

' On executing a transaciton lets say the user gets a list of data elements then the user selects say five data elemetns ( check boxes are there in the list display showing data elements ) and he sets that the documentations of each element as 'Self - Expalanatory' then the requirement is that all these data elements must get locked in a single transport request.

Is there a standarad API which takes object ID , Object type as input in form of table and checks if there are any existing transports in which the data element is locked if yes locks it under it, if not creates a new one and locks all the other objects in that request.

Atleast a FM which takes a table of object ids as input and locks them under a single transport request will also be helpful.

Some place where I can look for it.

Warm Regards,

Naveen M