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Sep 26, 2018 at 07:55 PM

What is a template database and how does it affect database load command?


We are running Adaptive Server Enterprise/16.0 SP03 PL04/EBF 27872 SMP/P/x86_64/SLES 11.1/ase160sp03pl04x/3394/64-bit/FBO/Sun May 6 21:48:04 2018 for our DEV ASE server. WE load backups nightly from Production Server, which is at : Adaptive Server Enterprise/15.7/EBF 27353 SMP SP139 /P/x86_64/Enterprise Linux/ase157sp138x/4041/64-bit/FBO/Tue Aug 8 05:53:20 2017. We are loading around 100 database backups . Each night we see message like following for a couple of databases being loaded : [Error('ZZZZZ', "[ZZZZZ] [SAP][ASE ODBC Driver][Adaptive Server Enterprise]The attempt to load database 'trim_gen' failed. It could not create the template database, required due to a previously unsuccessful database load. Before performing another load, drop and re-create the database.\n (1876) (SQLExecDirectW)")] Our scripts have retry logic so after this error is encountered, script tries the load again and is successful. We have opened an incident with SAP -- I was wondering if anyone has seen similar errors. Also of note we also load the same backup files using same scripts to a 15.7 ASE database server and do not see this error