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Sep 10, 2009 at 06:08 AM

'Z' table maintanence generator



I am having a 'Z' table with 7 fields. In this 'Z' table I also have a field whose data type is STRING, for which I've created a 'Z' data type and a 'Z' domain.

I am not able to create:

1) Maintainence view using Tale maintanence generator for this table.

Error is get is 'Data type STRING not supported in field SMS'.

2) Neither am I able to maintain/modify entries in table using SE16N and check maintain entries, even after changing attributes as 'Display/Maintenance Allowed'.

Even if I change some entries and click SAVE I get a dump saying

Runtime errors         ASSIGN_CASTING_ILLEGAL_CAST
Exception              CX_SY_ASSIGN_CAST_ILLEGAL_CAST
       Occurred on     10.09.2009 at   11:34:41

Error in an ASSIGN ... CASTING statement in program "SAPLSE16N".

Is it because of my data elemene string or something else?

Please help.