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Sep 10, 2009 at 05:50 AM

Problem in ESS Tab


Dear All

I am facing the following error Error at the ESS tab of our Portal Page.

500 Internal Server Error

Web Dynpro Container/SAP J2EE Engine/6.40

Failed to process request. Please contact your system administrator.

Error Summary

While processing the current request, an exception occured which could not be handled by the application or the framework.

*If the information contained on this page doesn't help you to find and correct the cause of the problem, please contact your system administrator. To facilitate analysis of the problem, keep a copy of this error page. Hint: Most browsers allow to select all content, copy it and then paste it into an empty document (e.g. email or simple text file).*

Root Cause

The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was:







... 70 more

See full exception chain for details

I have Deployed all the BPESS Patches and PCUI_GP Patches. Also Configured SLD for JAVA (Portal System) and ABAP (ECC System) and JCo. all the JCo Components are showing Status Green but getting the following error$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to message server host failed Connect_PM TYPE=B MSHOST=sapqas GROUP=SAPQAS410 R3NAME=QAS MSSERV=sapmsQAS PCS=1 ERROR service 'sapmsQAS' unknown TIME Thu Sep 10 12:40:20 2009 RELEASE 700 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 38 RC -3 MODULE niuxi.c LINE 1725 DETAIL NiPGetServByName2: service 'sapmsQAS' not found SYSTEM CALL getservbyname_r COUNTER 4**+

I have Configured SSO for the ECC System successfully. All the Test Connections are Ok. And assigned the Full Control Permission of ESS Object under Portal Content -> ...... ->ESS Role

Here is the Details of Our Server

Web Dynpro Runtime Vendor: SAP, build ID: 7.0009.20060804145649.0000 (release=645_VAL_REL, buildtime=2006-08-26:14:41:58[UTC], changelist=413534, host=pwdfm101), build date: Fri May 22 01:34:23 ICT 2009

J2EE Engine 7.00 patchlevel

Java VM IBM J9 VM, version:2.3, vendor: IBM Corporation

Operating system AIX, version: 5.3, architecture: ppc64

Please help


Soumya Dasgupta