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Sep 09, 2009 at 07:47 PM

F110 data medium exchange RFFOM100


Hi guys.

I need to create a new file format or modify the standar MT100. I am able to get a file with format MT100, but it gives a lof lines. I need to create just one line as the bank structure. I have that structure. Now, i havent be able to create a new format or modify the standar.

what i did and didnt work was:

1.-I tried to put a break in RFFOM100( in a lot of places) --> It didnt stop

2.-I actived the user-exit RFFOX900--> EXIT_RFFOEXIT_900 --> * it didnt stop and delete the file..file is getting empty*

when i actived that user-exit, it doesnt stop and i get the file empty.

3.-I actived another user-exit for F110, but it doesnt stop.... 😔

Some questions:

how can i create a new format so i can use it with the program RFFOM100??? or can i modify the standar MT100?

Why the break point doesnt stop in the program and user-exit?

I need 2 solve that problem...Some help...