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Sep 09, 2009 at 07:02 PM

Limiting the 'growth' amount of an image


Our company has well over 100K images that we use with our catalog and web sales. Most come from vendors with the size ratio mostly square, i.e. 380 x 385. This does not cause much of a problem as for these 'catalog' itmes the can grow is switch off. But now I find that some of the vendors have sent files that the ratio is way out, and what then should appear as an oval plate, for example, is coming out round with the non-can-grow flag set to know. When I all this image to grow, then it takes up haft the page in size. (It is, however, now showing as an oval plate.) Is there a simple way in CR (2008) to set the max limit the image can grow? The images are jpgs stored on a network dirve, and also used in other applications, and vary in all different sizes. Any one have a suggestion?