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Sep 09, 2009 at 12:45 PM

Group with both empty cells & numeric data viewed as string of characters


My company makes cabinets. From cut-list data designed in SolidWorks & saved to Excel, we are trying to separate, sort, & print cut-sheets for the shop floor.

Regarding doors/drawers, there are groups called "Panels High" & "Panels Wide" to represent the # of panels per door/drawer. A change in # creates a new set of cut-sheets. Obviously since these groups only apply to doors/drawers, the spreadsheet has empty cells in rows where the part is not a door/drawer part. These empty cells are apparently causing the data in the columns to be read as a string of characters. Also, the Crystal Report doesn't show any data for these groups. The only way I have found to identify the data as numeric is to fill in the entire column with a number. This also causes the data to show correctly in the report.

These groups are not the only ones to have empty cells & numeric data in the spreadsheet, so why would they be singled out like that? Is there some way I can remedy this problem without having to go back and add two numbers for hundreds of parts???