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Sep 09, 2009 at 12:07 PM

swap space inside a vmware virtual machine recommended?


Hello experts,

we have SAP (ECC 6.0) Test and Dev running in virtual machines (server 2003, 64-bit, the db is running on a seperate physical linux RAQ cluster) and are planning the Prod system to be running in vmware too.

The official recomendation for swap space is 1 x RAM plus 8GB. That would result in a very large swap file that would lie on the EVA storage. Now people in HP are saying that they do not recomment large swap files on the (shared) storage because this would seriously slow down the other systems that are also running on the EVA.

My question is, if one of you has some real-world expirience with running SAP in Prod inside a vmware virtual machine and if you've found any issues with the use of large swap files?

Why does SAP need those large swap files if it has got enough physical memory??

Are there any best practices that I am not aware of?

thanks for your help