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Sep 09, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Optimize Application




I know that the SAP BPC have three fact tables. When we have run an optimize applications process through the SAP BPC Administration console, all data were be in the fact table u201Cdbo.tblfac2<AppName>u201D and u201Cdbo.tblfactwb<AppName>u201D will move into the fact table u201Cdbo.tblfact<AppName>u201D.


1. I have run an optimize application through the SAP BPC for finance application Administrator console. After that, I update the data value in the fact table u201Cdbo.tblfactfinanceu201D using the SQL script (UPDATE) and I run an optimize application again. What the OLAPu2019s data will be change based on the data in fact table u201Cdbo.factfinanceu201D ?

2. When the SAP BPC will entry an OLAPu2019s data ?

3. The SAP BPC will take the data from OLAP or database for a report ?

Thank you for your time and attention. I will appreciate your information.

Best Regards,