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Sep 09, 2009 at 11:00 AM

/SAPAPO/CIF151 - No active integration model....


Hi all,

Im working in a test environment trying out the SNP functionality.

I have created a integration model for transaction data in out ECC system, and have activated it. It works fine.

I have created a production order in ECC and can now see the order in our SCM system.

I try to change the quantity of the order in the SCM system and hope to see this change in the ECC system, but no......

Looking at tcode /SAPAPO/CC in found the error "Inbound QAS310: No IModel active for cat. Production Orders, filter objec"

QAS310 is the logical system name of our ECC system, and I know the integration model is active, otherwise it should not be possible to CIF from ECC to SCM or.......

Please advise