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Sep 09, 2009 at 08:55 AM

SID remains in SLD as WAS Java entry even when Java Stack is deleted


Hi there,

Can somebody help me with next strange behaviour in the SLD.

Some SID's in our Landscape Components (tc SMSY) on Solution Manager has as Data Source 'SLD'.

These SID's comes from the SLD and are feeded by RZ70 for the ABAP part and by the SLD Data Supplier for the JAVA stack.

The SLD Data Supplier service is set up by the Virtual Administrator.

Now, we have systems in the SMSY with an sidname like <SID>_NABP.

These kind of entries has then SLD as datasource.

The problem is that I don't want these entries in the SMSY beacuse ther is no JAVA stack anymore.

The Java stack is removed completely.

I removed the WAS Java entry in SLD.

But, this enty in SLD is reset after a while.

So, when I remove the entry in SMSY on SolMan and in the SLD WAS JAVA, still the component is recreated in SMSY with datasourrce coming from SLD.

The data in SMSY is empty (no instance, no database). Only the SID and hostename is available.

What i believe is that something triggers the SLD Data Supplier but I can not reach it because JAVA and so Visual Administrator included is removed from the system.

Maybe, if somebody can tell me how SLD is feeded for the JAVA stack, I could find the solution.

I really hope that somebody can help me out.


Paul Van Daele

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