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Sep 09, 2009 at 08:12 AM

Customer fields is being copied from BUS2121 to BUS2203



We are running SRM 7.0 classic senario.

We have added some customer fields to the shopping cart BUS2121. We would like the content of these field to copied to the goods receipt BUS2203 when creating a GR from a shoppnig cart.

We added the field to then

- u2018cross-documentu2019 structure

- u2018item level on shopping cart itemu2019 structure

- u2018item level on confiormation itemu2019 structure

The field is showing allright on the SC and the value we put in it is stored with the shopping cart. But when the confirmation is created the field is empty?

We had understood that if the field name and type of both business objects is exactly the same, content will be transferred from SC item to the folloow-on document when ever it is created out of a SC - but we must have missed some thing?

Some one please advise.