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Sep 09, 2009 at 07:52 AM

Backup and restore


Hi everybody,

we have deleted a folder with many querys in the MII (12.0) by mistake. Is it somehow possible to restore these files and folders?

Our admin says he has only the possibility to restore the complete database, but this will overwrite other changes.

We had made an export of the project just a few days before so we have luckily most of the querys.

I have although a more general question concerning the same problem: Is it somehow possible to export the projects with a job? In this case it will be possible to go back to an older version of a query (or transaction or something)... I tried to analyze what happens if I export a project in MII. But I was stopped very early when I saw it is just a javascript link. For the job I need something like an export link.

Thanks for your help.